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Because ministry is never 9-5

Job Listings February 23, 2010

Here at the Diocese of Virginia and the Christian Formation office we are constantly looking out for new opportunities for Youth Ministers and Christian Educators both around our diocese and beyond.  If you would like to submit a listing to us you can do so by sending it to and/or Please note: We will do our best to maintain these listings and keep them as current as we are able, but if you hear of a position being filled (or created) you can help us by alerting us to the change in status!  All listings will be deleted after 6 months. Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                    


2 Responses to “Job Listings”

  1. Joe Torrence Says:

    Hello my name is Joe Torrence and I am the new youth minister at christ church richmond. I would love to connect to some other youth ministers in the area and learn more about what the Church is doing in the area of youth ministry.


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